Friday, October 9, 2009

An email from Amy!

Hi Tori,

Ok, so i've had a couple of great meetings in the last two days with Nuning from Kunci. Kunci is a Cultural Studies Centre which writes about contemporary culture in Indonesia. You would love these people. I mean, you will literally wet your pants when you see what they do! Check out their website:

So Nuning has agreed to assist us on this project which means she will 1. assist and advise us on who we can swap roles with, and 2. contribute writing to the project via blog entries, notes etc... observing what we do from a local perspective. Nuning is rather busy, including on the SPACE/SCAPE project, but is still keen enough to join us on the development of our work in Yogyakarta. What is AMAZING is that Kunci is currently working on a project that is quite similar to our Next Wave project in Brunswick, and so seem to really engage with our ideas. Check out to find out more.

At this point, we have talked about the possibility of me approaching several people to participate in the project. We have connections, through South, to several art spaces that double as restaurants / bars, and Nuning and I thought that I could take the place of one of the people who work in the kitchens. There is also a chance I could take the role of the housekeeper who works at Cemeti House where I have been staying. As well, Nuning has friends who work in internet cafes or Circle K (kinda like Seven Eleven), who might also be interested in participating.

Anyway, it all looks VERY, VERY promising and exciting. I am meeting with Nuning again on Monday to organise our first day of "role swapping", which will probably happen next Tuesday or Wednesday... We are also going to try asking one of the MES56 guys to help us photograph the project. Look at their their Holiday Project, which I thought was relevant to our project as well.

So I am going away to the Festival Mata Air for a night and will be out of contact until Sunday night or Monday ... but i'll definitely post something on the blog Monday.

Sorry this is so rushed ... I want to tell you all about the wild karaoke night I had last night .. and how I wished you were here. I can't tell you how amazing this experience has been so far, and it's only the first week! I have already promised Nuning and Antariska (both from Kunci) that we will both return to Yogya to do a more intensive version of the project ... I hope you're keen!

More to report back on Monday. All systems go!

xx Amy

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